Bicycles assembly line. Length mt. xxx at your choice. Assembly with straight bicycle position with the possibility of inverting/reversing it. The bicycle can be locked  inside the seat-post/seat-tube by mechanical locking, so that it is positioned both upright and upside down in front of the operator. The machine is equipped with quick couplings for air connection each meter. It comes with height-adjustable and 360-degree rotatable bicycle locking tools with possibility of turning the bicycle upside down. Sectional length every 4 meters. Installation site every two meters.

Possibility of two processing cycles:

1) stop and go – (timed cycle)

2) continuous movement (adjustable by means regulated by a potentiometer)

Conveyor supports every 4 meters to allow better alignment. Conveyor delivered already pre-assembled in 4-meter blocks with complete assembly prepared with connectors. All according to CE standards.

The conveyor is equipped with:

  1. a) PLC programming for recognition of all data
  2. b) provision of a stop / start for each operator
  3. c) memorization of the positions / operator that cause the eventual or the various daily stops.

Per request, and with extra price, the conveyor can be equipped with a large display, positioned at the bottom of the chain, which indicates the following data:

  1. d) display of the daily production target
  2. e) display of the number of pieces produced
  3. f) display of the total machine downtime minutes
  4. g) any eventual special Customer’s request